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I.   Summary
II.  How it will work
III. How to get on the waitlist
IV. Limitations
V.  Faculty Roster


I.  Summary
The Enhanced Waitlist (WL) functionality of the Banner registration system is planned to be piloted during the Summer 2010 registration period at Fullerton College.  For this initial pilot period, only courses from the Humanities Division have been identified to receive waitlist capability.  Extensive testing in the Banner Test environment has already begun, and continues with the assistance of staff from Fullerton College, Cypress College and NOCCCD Information Services.    
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II. How it will work:
Once enrollment for a course has reached its capacity, the waitlist will be activated.  Subsequent students seeking to enroll in this course will be given the opportunity to add themselves to a waitlist in the registration area of myGateway.  As space becomes available in the course, the next student in the waitlist queue will be notified via their "preferred email" that a space has become available, and they will have 48 hours to register for the course.  If this student fails to add the course in the designated time, their waitlist status will expire, and the next student in the queue will receive an email notice that a space has become available, etc.  Once the waitlist reaches its capacity, subsequent students will see the message "Closed - Waitlist Full".

The waitlist will be disabled once instruction begins, at which point instructor managed add codes (if available) will be the primary means of managing additions to the course. 

NOTE: Instructor "add codes" will not become active until the day instruction begins, even if these codes are distributed prior to the start of instruction.    
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III. How to get on the waitlist:
For detailed instructions on how to be added to a waitlist, click here.    
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IV. Limitations
Courses with the following characteristics will not have waitlists at this time:
  • Linked courses,
  • Courses associated with a specific student cohort (e.g. Honors, TAP, Study Abroad, etc),
  • Courses with co-requisites, and
  • Crosslisted courses.
It is important to note, and to remind our students that the notification of an available seat will be made through the "preferred email" that the student has on file with the college.  It is the responsibility of the student to make certain that their contact information on file with the College is accurate - this may be updated through their myGateway account.
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V.  Faculty Roster
Waitlist rosters will be available to faculty through Webstar, for examples of these, click here.
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(last update May 17, 2010)