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Clear your Prerequisites before your registration date!

Before your online registration date check to see if your class has a prerequisite. Prerequisites must be cleared prior to enrollment. Plan ahead and take care of this as early as possible to avoid waiting in long lines and possible delays to your enrollment in important classes.

1. Prerequisite/co-requisite completed at another college (not Fullerton or Cypress College),
2. The course you want to enroll in is in the English, Reading, ESL or Math subject areas

What you must do:

  • Bring the following to the Fullerton College Counseling Center:

    • high school transcripts, transcripts from another college and/or other appropriate documentation indicating completion of the prerequisite course - unofficial transcripts are acceptable.

    • All coursework used to meet prerequisite requirements must be completed, in progress work or grade cards will not be accepted.


Because classes fill up very quickly, it is recommended that you take care of this as soon as possible to avoid possible delays to your enrollment in important classes.

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